All-Tech Consulting Group                                    gets the job done right!

Are you a HOME BUYER looking for:

  • Peace of mind about your investment?
  • A fully certified home inspection team, experienced in all types and ages of residences, including modern, green and heritage?
  • Cost effective suggestions?
  • Knowledge and experience?
  • Information on Cam's involvement in regard to Licencing of Home Inspectors. Go to Qualifications page under "Ontario Home Inspection Licencing Act" for the whole story?

What we Offer:

  • Over 20 year's experience as a certified Home Inspector Business and over 40 years as a qualified builder and renovator.
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing what you are getting into when purchasing a new home or investment.
  • Thermal Imaging, where required, is available for an added fee during the home inspection.
  • Cam Allen L.I.W. NHI ACI RHI NCH, a fully qualified home inspector, will complete your inspection, usually along with Paul Zammit (CAHPI-C). Paul has 20 years experience in building and general contracting.  Cumulatively, they have 60 years of experience in carpentry, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.        
  • Between Cam and Paul, they have built, renovated or restored over 150 buildings, including heritage homes, modern residences and energy efficient green homes.                                                                                                                                                       

All-Tech is a full service home inspection company offering additional services, where required/requested. 

All-Tech follows the new CAN-CSA A-770-16 Home Inspection Standard for Canada. Released in March of 2016, it will be the standard for Home Inspector licensing in Ontario when it is announced in 2019.

For more information on the services we provide, scroll down and use the menu above to explore our site. You can also Contact us now for more information.


  • First time home buyer?  

A first time home buyer can be somewhat overwhelmed with all that is involved in the purchase of a home.  We will take the necessary time to explain how the systems work and how to maintain your home to get the most out of it in the years to come. Questions will be answered in layman's terms and, when necessary, sketches made to help explain a point. With respect to any repairs that may be needed, we will guide you on what should be given priority and supply suggestions on remedies. 

  • Seasoned home buyer?  

The basics are the same; an inspection will give you the opportunity to walk through the home and to discuss it at length.  Use our extensive knowledge to continue your education on home ownership and enhance your involvement in the new space. Given our years of construction experience, discussions about any extensive improvements are possible and encouraged.

  • Relocation Client?  

We are a participating supplier with the federal government's Integrated Relocation Program (IRP) and have done relocation work for the military, RCMP, DND, Queen's University, Alcan, Dupont and LaFarge.


  • A "maintenance check up" for your home is an inspection to advise you of the condition of the home. You will be asked to prepare a list of concerns before the inspectors arrive. You will have the opportunity to talk with two former builders who will then complete a maintenance inspection geared toward reducing costly repairs in the future, along with timely recommendations for annual maintenance. We find that seniors who wish to stay in their home benefit greatly from this sort of inspection. Dealing with small repairs now can eliminate costly repairs down the road. 


  • In today's market place, it is sometimes beneficial to have a home inspection done before listing your home. There are two benefits to this. First, you will find out, in advance, whether there are issues with your home that may be discovered by a home inspector, allowing you to either repair or declare these deficiencies.  Secondly, having this inspection available during the sale can help stream line the process, reducing the need for a buyer to have a home inspection, unless they specifically request it.


Experience has also shown that living in your home is the best way to understand it and become aware of any “quirks” and areas of deficiencies that may show up over the first four seasons.    

    All-Tech Consulting Group’s experienced team is available to complete the “One Year Warranty”  inspection for homeowners:

  • confirming that the repairs noted from the PDI and the 30 day inspection have been resolved;
  • do a complete residential home inspection, confirming everything is functioning as it should and if not, documenting this for the client so they can report this to Tarion and the Builder for corrections and repairs.


All-Tech Consulting Group service area:

Kingston and area
Smiths Falls
Carleton Place
(Frontenac, Lanark, Leeds and Grenville)



This is great, thank you.  I was having lunch today with a few other Queen's staff and almost half of the people at our table said you had inspected their houses too.  All had good things to say! 

                                                                                                                                                                 ~ M. Tremblay, Kingston, ON

Thank you very much.  I am more than impressed with the service and accommodation made in order to facilitate our house inspection. You can be assured that I will pass on my highest recommendations to those I know transferring to the area.

                                                                                                                                           ~Les Connell, formerly of Greenwood, N.S.

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