Cam Allen's more recent column, GreenTech...the Series, began in January 2008. Following the success of the earlier column, The Kingston Whig Standard recognized the need for advancing the knowledge of their readers with respect to energy efficiency and reduction of the greenhouse gases every Canadian is responsible for.

Cam has extensive background in energy efficient homes, his former home being an Excellent Rated Energy Star Home. He was one of the earliest participants in the MicroFit program. 

In 2015, Cam designed and built Circa 1894 B&B and Day Spa. Once complete, this advanced assembly Spa building exceeded the "Passive House" standards for air loss. Coupled with ample passive solar heating, in the winter of 2015/16 this 864 sq. ft. building had an estimated heating cost of under $100; a testament to Cam's knowledge and experience in green buildings. Click on for information on this fabulous boutique spa. 

Prior to writing his columns, Cam often visits the actual homes and sites across Ontario and Quebec. He sits with the builders, contractors and specialists in the green housing industry to 'talk shop about the exciting growth in environmentally responsible homes.  GreenTech...the series offers a "hands on" view of the development and availability of energy efficient, cost responsible and new age technology that is available right now. 

For the most current articles, visit The Home's section in The Kingston Whig and, as well, there are plans to upload some past articles, hopefully this Spring. Please check back:

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Over the last few months, Cam has written a series following the renovations that he and his crew have made on a circa 1894, former United Church, NW of Lanark village.  To view those columns please check back issues of the Kingston Whig or go to