Why a Home Maintenance Inspection? Think of this as a check-up for your home. With today‚Äôs busy lifestyles, the homeowner often does not have time to do annual maintenance work, and some areas may get missed. If you are contemplating getting some repair work done, this type of inspection can be vital. Our team of skilled, experienced inspectors, who are all retired/former home builders/contractors, have no vested interest in selling you something; you will get an honest opinion on the condition of the home and its operation. This may help in negotiating with companies attempting to sell you service and/or products.

   Seniors find this service especially helpful. They are often preyed upon by unscrupulous sales persons/companies to do maintenance to their home that is either not needed or, if needed, not to the degree of work they recommend, and/or not at the cost quoted.

     During the inspection, you will get the chance to walk with the team members ask questions and get an unbiased opinion on your home. The client is asked to prepare a list of concerns they have, before we arrive at a home maintenance inspection; this, so that the concerns can be discussed at the beginning of the inspection. Recent invoices, documenting any repair work that has been done, should be available for viewing, so that we can confirm the work was done correctly.

    A home maintenance inspection is essentially the same as a standard home inspection with an additional three lists provided. Along with the customary report, you will receive:

  • A Required Items List, outlining areas that need immediate attention, (along with a list of three or more reputable local trades to contact for quotes and further evaluation;
  • A Deferred Items List, which include the things that should be dealt with soon;
  • A Future Maintenance List, outlining areas that should be monitored but that are not urgent.

    If you feel that your home needs energy upgrades, for a small additional fee, during the Home Maintenance Inspection we can do a Thermal Imaging Scan of all windows and doors to advise on their condition, and whether repair or replacement is recommended.



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