While pre-sale home inspections are common, inspection requests from the homeowner/seller are a reasonably new concept. Driven by the “insane” real estate market in Toronto a few years ago, they have become more and more common throughout the province.


A pre-listing inspection is completed by the home owner before they list their home or during the listing process, and is sometimes recommended by their real estate agent. There are numerous advantages to having a pre-listing inspection done:


  • It allows the seller to see their home through the eyes of a skilled, experienced home inspector, who will not have the “attachment” to the home that the homeowner may have.
  • It will allow the seller to correct any deficiencies that are identified during the inspection. Some buyers may get hung up on the number of smaller issues, and this gives the homeowner time to correct them.
  • It may help the homeowner/seller to more accurately price the home. If the deficiencies are declared, then it can be stated that this was factored into the asking price.
  • An inspection will notify you of any safety concerns that may dissuade a potential buyer, allowing you time to correct them.
  • It may encourage a firm deal, especially if the inspection was done by a reputable local company with years of experience and a known reputation for honesty and integrity.
  • It may leave the buyer with the feeling that the homeowner/seller is making a gesture of forthrightness, adding some comfort to the prospective buyers’ opinion of the home and the sale process.
  • The buyer may appreciate that the homeowner/seller has paid for this inspection to reduce the need for the buyer to have a similar inspection done. This may also help in completing the sale, with one less obstacle to address.




   A home inspection is typically done for the contracting client, therefore the contents are for their exclusive use. Every home inspection has a clause stating that the responsibility for the contents is exclusive to the client and not transferable to a third party. While an All-Tech Pre-Listing Inspection is detailed and comprehensive, nothing beats being able to talk to our team of professionals. That in mind, with the homeowner's permission, we offer an “On-Site Review” of the homeowner/seller’s inspection to the buyer. During the review, we walk through the inspection with the buyer and then transfer the report to the buyer. This gives them peace of mind as they have had a chance to talk to the inspector, personally. The buyer can then contact All-Tech with questions or requests for trade assistance after the sale. While there is a fee for an On-Site Inspection Review, it is substantially less than the full cost of a conventional home inspection.



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