Our Services

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      All-Tech Consultant Group will monitor the home that is under your care, at agreed to, physical, on-site intervals, or via 24/7 wireless monitoring, as preferred by the client. As well, we repair the property for quick sale, in order to maximize the return on the client’s investment.




-Building Inspection and report that will advance the sale to interested parties.

-Occupancy checks, lock changes and insurance visits.

-Property cleanup and basic repairs to prepare for listing.

-Winterization, as required.

-Lawn care and snow removal, as contracted.




   A vacant home can be a magnet for crime; insurance coverage can be compromised, and neglect can minimize “street appeal” to a potential buyer.


    Are you transferring a staff member? We can manage and maintain the home during the transition period.


    Is the home going to be vacant for some time between the point of sale and buyer occupancy? Our service provides peace of mind to banks, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and new owners


Support Services


     If, after you have taken possession of the home, you find that you are left with unwanted items, damage to the home and insurance compliance issues, All-Tech Consulting Group can help!


-Remove all unwanted items from the house and property.

-Thoroughly clean the home: all rooms, including bathrooms and kitchen.

-Perform any, agreed upon, repairs, based on the home inspection report.

-Winterize the home, as needed.

-Documented, physical on-site visits, at an agreed schedule, to ensure heat is on, plumbing is off, and for removal of any mail or flyers. Much of this can be done via remote monitoring, as contracted.

-Ensure lawn care and snow removal.   


ALL-TECH Consulting Group's Reputation


    All-Tech Consulting Group has been providing professional building inspections, structural assessments and site consultations for over 20 years. The latest addition to our company, “Property Preservation,” rounds out our client services, and is being offered to banks, mortgage brokers, private lenders, as well as to the real estate community. We are fully insured, both liability and bonding, to provide you with peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable company.