In Ontario, new home buyers are protected by a new home warranty provided by Tarion Warranty Corporation, a provincial administrative authority that oversees new home builders and how they operate within the province.  Your Tarion Warranty has five parts to it. The original PDI, a 30 day inspection list, a one year and a two year report along with the full warranty of the structure only that covers this for seven years.  The First year inspection has shown to be the most important after the PDI. 

     The builder’s package can be a bit daunting and you should take all the time you need to understand the process. Once your new home is ready for occupancy, your builder is required to complete a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and there are a number of forms for you to complete. Reputable builders will take their time, often upwards of 3 to 4 hours, going over the home so that you understand how it operates. The onus is on you, as the new owner, to take note and identify any incomplete, missing, damaged or non-operational items in the home before the builder hands it over to you. The PDI is “very important,” as it sets the bench mark for any repairs needed. It can be difficult to demand repairs after the fact if the issues were not noted to the builder during the PDI.

    We advise that you get the Tarion New Home Warranty Guide and a copy of their Tarion Pre-Delivery Check List Guide before you attend your PDI. For the most part, new home builders are reputable and want you to be satisfied, especially at the outset. We do not do these PDI Inspections. The home is new and there are a percentage of builders who resist a home inspector present for a PDI, while they still actually own the home. Click here for a “New Home Walk-Thru Booklet,” put out by John MacDonald Architect inc. This is an excellent guide in understanding how to complete your PDI.

     In our experience, new home buyers often miss the following items during the PDI.

  1. Pay attention to the ceilings, look for cracks or any unevenness.
  2. Doors should fit well and locks should be tight; neither should rattle.
  3. Drywall should have no noticeable seams or fasteners popping out.
  4. Walk the entire floor and ensure there are no uneven areas or squeaks.
  5. You should not see any ridges in the floor or flooring like tiles.
  6. Check all sinks, tubs and showers for “complete” caulking.
  7. Turn each tap on and wait for hot water to arrive, flush the toilets. With your knee, gently press against the bowl of the toilet; it should not move.
  8. Operate every bathroom and kitchen fan and ask your builder to show you where they exhaust to the exterior.


   Experience has also shown that living in your home is the best way to understand it and become aware of any “quirks” and areas of deficiencies that may show up over the first four seasons.    

    All-Tech Consulting Group’s experienced team is available to complete the “One Year Warranty”  inspection for homeowners:

  • confirming that the repairs noted from the PDI and the 30 day inspection have been resolved;
  • do a complete residential home inspection, confirming everything is functioning as it should and if not, documenting this for the client so they can report this to Tarion and the Builder for corrections and repairs.


This may be the last chance you get to have any deficiencies repaired under warranty.  You have one year to complete this inspection and it should be sent to Tarion within the last month of your first year of occupancy.

    Please call our office at 613-546-9876 or email alltechconsultinggroup@gmail.com before the eleventh month of your occupancy to book your One Year Warranty Home Inspection.



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