Thermal Imaging - 

What the Camera can detect!


Thermal Imaging was first used by the military for detecting the "bad guys."  Today it's used for breast cancer screening, dentistry and other medical procedures.  As an effective tool in building sciences, it has a vast array of uses.  A hand held thermal imaging camera in the hands of a trained and experienced operator is a valuable investigative tool.  The camera can detect energy loss, verify the integrity of a structure, prevent electrical fires and pinpoint water issues on a roof.  See the pictures below for some examples of what can be detected.

To our knowledge, we are the only home inspector with a Thermal Imaging Camera in the County.  We are certified and offer this service for nearly 5 years.  It is recommended that the client attend the Thermal Inspection so that he/she can see the actual images on the camera and take notes.

With the FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera, for an additional fee, All-Tech can provide a fully documented report of the problem areas, including pictures.  Once the client has their notes or an All-Tech report in hand, they can proceed with the necessary energy upgrades and maintenance, as per the evaluation.  

Exterior Building Envelope - Thermal Imaging Can:

  • locate missing, improperly installed or damaged insulation;
  • identify costly air leakage energy losses;
  • evaluate thermal performance and
  • reduce large capital expenditures

Interior Building Envelope - Thermal Imaging Can:

  • identify heating losses (heating and air conditioning)
  • locate unwanted moisture
  • identify possible mold growing areas

Electrical - Thermal Imaging Can Detect:

  • loose and corroded electrical connections
  • imbalanced loads
  • overloading and/or overheating
  • defective equipment
  • open circuits

Roofs - Thermal Imaging Can:
  • help pinpoint water damaged areas on the roof
  • help eliminate unnecessary replacement of the full roof
  • help extend the life of a roof
  • help reduce large capital expenditures

Cam Allen brings 40 years of construction and building experience and 20 years of home inspection to the table. His experience, continuing education, industry involvement and love of the building inspection business is reflected in the quality of the home inspections he does.  He will apply his knowledge and considerable experience to helping you understand your potential new home.  

To learn more about Cam's qualifications and experience click here:  qualifications.php 

Areas serviced from the Lanark office include:

Smiths Falls
Carleton Place
(Frontenac, Lanark, Leeds and Grenville)
Calabogie, Plevna, and area.

as well as Ottawa and surrounding areas 
(Arnprior, Carp, Kanata, Nepean, Vanier, etc)
along with Kingston and area.

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